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The planning team for the 2015 Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference is hard at work putting together a fantastic schedule for our February event!  A friendly reminder that all requests for related meetings for this year’s conference must be received by December 1st.  If you are interested in hosting a meeting, please contact Caitlin Gaborow.   We hope to see you at the 75th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference (February 8-11, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana).
Just announced: Foundations of Fisheries Science - The new AFS book highlights the classic and critical works associated with fisheries management. With input from fisheries professionals and students from around the world, the editors selected 43 full-text articles along with 30 “honorable mention” citations (with associated abstracts) that have helped to mold the discipline of fisheries science.  It is on sale at the AFS bookstore.
Thank you for your review of the AFS NCD draft Strategic Plan. Thirty-eight members voted with 36 voting to adopt, one abstaining and one voting to reopen discussion. Therefore, approval of the plan passed with greater than a two-thirds vote. Please feel free to relate your unit strategic plans and actions to the AFS NCD approved strategic plan, as appropriate. You may also refer to the Survey Report for input from the NCD members on the current context of fisheries planning in the region.

The revised North Central Division Bylaws, Rules and Procedural Manual has now been approved by our members and the parent society's governing board. 
Are you interested in getting more involved with AFS?  The North Central Division is currently working on putting together a new continuing education committee for the division, and are looking to take CE in the NCD to the next level!  The goals for the committee for the next year will be:
1)      Identify CE needs and interests among NCD members.
2)      Plan CE workshops for the 2015 Midwest Fish and Wildlife meeting.
3)      Explore options for expanding CE opportunities for NCD members outside of the annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife meeting.
Please note that attendance at the Midwest meeting would not be required to be part of this committee.  Also, student involvement would be welcomed!  If you are interested in serving on this committee or would like more information, please contact Melissa Wuellner, NCD First Vice President by email ( or phone (605-688-5963) by Friday, July 20th.
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